Extra Hands, LLC


Cindy Hoffman, Owner

Welcome to Extra Hands, LLC. I have started this business because people need help getting chores done.  I have been helping my parents and grandparents all of my life.  At a young age, I helped neighbors walking their dog, bringing in mail, and babysitting. I have been helping kindergarten children for 31 years and recently retired in June 2018. I see that people need help, they need someone to do a job or task for them and can't find the right person. I am devoted completely to helping others with the EXTRA HANDS business.

My goal with Extra Hands is to offer a hand when someone needs it. I know there are many times when families are busy and need something done or children are not in the same town as their parents and the parents need help.  I am here to step in and get the job done! 


I will approach each job with kindness, patience, and efficiency. No job is too big or too small…..in the eyes of the person I am helping it needs to be done and I am ready to step in and give the EXTRA HAND so my clients are happy and all of their to-do's are done!  

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